How to Install a Transmission

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Install a transmission and attach the transmission to the engine in one fell swoop, making sure it's lined up correctly when you do; learn how in this free auto-remodeling video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Doug. I work with twenty great guys in St Louis at Doug Jenkin's Custom Hot Rods, and we're going to do some work for you today on Expert Village. Now we're going to install the transmission on the back of the engine. On a custom installation like this, we're making up a lot of things as we go, so it's nice to do the engine and transmission as one piece. Some times it's easier to do it in two if it's a standard install. This is state of the art. It's real goofy to work on the shop floor like this, but there's no better way, unless you have a big bench. So he'll get everything lined up. So now use the bolts to draw the transmission up to the engine. Mark has got it all lined up before he puts the wrench on there. He puts it in place, and there's no clearance problems. He's not going to use the bolts to force the transmission back. If you've got something lined up incorrectly, and you harpoon it together with those bolts, you can break stuff. It's a real hassle, so make sure everything goes together really easily. No pressure there. It all goes together nice and easy. Now he's turning the torque converter to make sure it didn't get jammed in there goofy. If your flex plate is pushing on the torque converter at this point, take it off and see what you've got wrong. Maybe the torque converter isn't in all the way.


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