Removing the Car Throttle Linkage

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Working on a car repair? Learn how to remove a car throttle linkage system with expert auto maintenance tips in this free car repair video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Change an Alternator
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Video Transcript

In this clip we are going to talk about the proper way to remove your throttle linkage cable assembly. First thing we are going to do is pop the cables. This one happens to be for your cruise control and this cable happens to be hooked up directly to your gas pedal. If you push on it, you can hear your pedal fly up inside the car; that's your gas pedal. This one here just happens to pop off. Its got an ear on it. If you get a good grip on it and pull straight up, it will pop right off. If you can see that 's how the clip mounts. This particular one has a slide poke style. You rock it all the way forward, take the slack out of the cable and wiggle it out of the linkage. Once those guys are off, it's okay to go ahead and remove the return spring. It's always a good idea to take these loose components, put them in your pocket or in a tool bin. I always put them in my pocket. Once those are off, that exposes the mounting bracket mounting bolt. Just go ahead and break them loose. Most of the time they will come right out. Once you get them loose, get those bolts off, go ahead and unscrew them. Like I said again with your loose parts either put them in a bin or in your pocket and we can go ahead and roll this guy out of the way and that is how you remove your throttle cable assembly.


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