Replacing Brake Rotors Versus Machining Brake Rotors on Your Car

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Learn whether to machine or replace your car brake rotors - free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Nate McCullough on behalf of In this clip we are going to talk about the difference between machining a rotor and replacing of a rotor and benefits involved in each. In my personal opinion for the cost and the benefit, machining a rotor is a waste of time unless it happens to be a very unique rotor causing the part costs to be excessively high. On this particular car which is one of the pricier cars to work on that Ford builds, the rotor replacement was $23. To take this vehicle to a shop and have a professional mechanic machine the rotor you are going to pay somewhere between $30 and $50. Then what you get back is your same old rotor that has been machined smaller. They are going to remove the outside surface of the rotor and cut down until they get to all the way new steel all the way around. In my opinion, that takes too much metal off for the cost benefit. It has been my experienced maybe 3 out of 10 vehicles that have their rotors turn return with the pulsation. When you machine the rotor, like I said you remove the steel from it. When you take that steel away that under minds its heat dissipation ability. It is like taking a smaller part and trying to put it through the same demanding work of your daily driving. So for my money the cost and the benefits would be to replace the rotor.


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