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Learn how to clean the caliper when changing the brake pads on a car with expert automotive tips in this free online auto repair and car maintenance video clip.

Part of the Video Series: How to Replace Rear Brake Pads
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Video Transcript

MARK BLOCKER: In this segment, we're going to cover cleaning the brake parts part two. Okay, now that we've got the caliper mounting bracket and--where the brake pads attached to it cleaned and prepared, I've got the silencers cleaned and prepared. You want to check the caliper itself. There's two places where it bolts onto. Those are two caliper mounting bracket spots. You'll want to take that wire brush and just dry dust on it. You'll just brush it off and make sure there are no contaminants on there, dirt, grime or anything that's going to get sandwiched between that mounting spot on the caliper and the bracket. That could cause the caliper not to sit in there absolutely, perfectly, squarely, change your braking and cause binding or other deficiencies in the braking system. So those two spots, we just wanted to take the wire brush and quickly brush them off, and make sure that they're clean, remove any debris. And it's a little bit more difficult to get this bigger brush back into this application. If you've got one of those small wire brushes that are kind of like a toothbrush size, those work really well. And they're cheap and inexpensive and available at all parts distributors. But you can do it with a big brush. It's just a little bit more inconvenient. As I said before, there are a lot of tools that can be bought that makes the job a lot easier and faster for you to do. And you just kinda weigh out the cost versus the return and how important it is for you. Sometimes, the aggravation factor alone is worth every dollar to some people. Later, in another segment, we're going to cover compressing the caliper itself, but we just want to look around there and make sure we don't have any large built ups of dirt or deposits in there that can anyway affect the operation of the caliper. And then, this outer portion of the caliper here where the caliper makes contact with the brake pad and holds it in, we're going to twist that around and get a good look at it. But we want to brush that area outright in and through there. It's hard for me to get a good angle for you on the camera there because of the limitation of movement that I have with the brake cable and brake hose. But basically, I just want to make sure that this environment up here is clean and free of any dirt that can sit between that and the pad and also cause the caliper to be in an awkward angle or cause the pad or the caliper movement binding. So, now we've concluded the cleaning of various brake parts and the caliper itself. Please watch our next segment. We're going to cover compressing pistons in a caliper itself.


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