How to Test a Replacement Turn Signal Switch

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Function test a replacement turn signal switch or combination switch assembly before replacing the steering column cover; learn how in this free auto-repair video.

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Video Transcript

In this segment we're going to cover function testing the turn signal switch assembly or combination switch. Prior to assembling and putting the column covers on it's a good idea to function test any kind of electrical item. If we function test it now and there is a problem, with it we won't have that added labor of having to remove the steering column covers to get access to it. With electrical items it's not uncommon to run into a defective part so you'll want to test it thoroughly before we go any further and avoid some potential labor. Previously in our safety section we covered disconnecting the negative battery terminal. In order to function test, turn signal switch we are going to need to connect that cable. If everything works ok and we don't have any other electrical items to deal with, just replacing some access covers, so at this time it's safe to go ahead, connect your negative terminal and we can perform the function test. To function test the turn signal, slash combination switch assembly we'll first check the head lights by turning them onto the run position looking for our indicators. On position checking for the head lights in front and it also forms as your high beam. High beams click on and click off so the head lights and high beam indicators all work correctly and in order to check the turn signals we're going to need to turn the vehicle to the run position and first just click to the left and look for our turn signal indicators, click to the right. You also have a mechanical function turn signal canceller which is when you set your turn signal and your making a turn, when you complete the turn the turn signal will automatically cancel off. This will need to be checked on your first test drive so at this time we have completed the function testing of the turn signal and we know that the turn signal and the combination switch, and we know that it's working correctly. So we can go ahead and put our cover plates back on the steering column on so please watch our next segment on installing cover plates or cover panels for the steering column.


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