How to Fill a Car with Coolant

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Fill a car with coolant after changing out the heater core hose, using a wrench to aid in replacing the antifreeze; learn how from our expert car mechanic in this free auto-maintenance video.

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Video Transcript

In this segment we'll cover filling the vehicle with coolant, part two. You can use I believe a 12 or 13 millimeter inch wrench on a Honda?s. Your vehicle may vary. Some vehicles are equipped with one's that can easily be operated with your fingers. This one is being a little tight not cooperating. Once again being patient taking our time, we managed to break it free. Well open it up with a few turns by hand. Now we can proceed to fill in the cooling system. Were replacing the anti freeze for preventative maintenance purposes. Anti freeze with age builds up obstinacy and that?s an electrolysis corrosion process. So by replacing it according to the manufacturer specifications, we can ensure cars cooling system operation. Insert a funnel so we don't want to spill any. Then just slowly start pouring into the system. Now when the system is full there will be coolant that starts to come out of that bleed valve in the back we just opened up. So as were filling we want to watch that bleed valve for an indication that the air's been purged and the system is filled with anti freeze. Now the anti freeze we are using is a premix that's been mixed at the factory at a ratio of 70/30, which is what?s most been recommended by most manufactures. Once again check your vehicle's operators manual and it will give you specific information of conditions of your environment. The cooling systems hold a variety of different amounts depending on the vehicle and the size. This information can also be found in the capacity sections of your operator?s manual. It can give you a good indication of how much the coolant system can holds so when you drain it and fill it back up it should be relatively close to what the manual says. If not there's an indication of a problem. You either didn't get all the coolant drained out or you might be a leak pouring out just as fast as you?re pouring it in. At this time I'm starting to see coolant appear at that petcock. So I'm just going to wait a minute or two and add a little bit escape. I'm seeing a little bit of air bubbles still, indicating its venting a little bit. Once all the air is vented out of your coolant, turn it the rest of the way with my fingers, and we'll tighten it down with the pliers and top the vehicle off, fill it up the rest of the way about a half of inch down or so from the cap. Reinstalling the cap, push and twist down till it comes to a stop. Check our over flow coolant bottle; make sure the levels are correct in there. Add if necessary. Replace it screw it down tightly. Please watch our next segment on starting the vehicle, warming the vehicle up, checking for leaks, and insuring proper operation.


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