How to Install a New Heater Core Hose

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Install a car's new heater core hose by tightening the clamps and sliding them in place; learn how from our expert car mechanic in this free auto-maintenance video.

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Video Transcript

In this segment we'll show you how to install a hose part two. We got that one tight, we'll come up and tighten this other clamp. This is the one that's not quite so accessible as the other one. First we need to slide the clamp back up into it's proper position. Sometimes if it's in a real bad position, gravity will have it's way. You might want to put a little piece of tape on the clamp to kind of hold it on the hose where you want it to be and it could prevent you a little bit of frustration and anxiety trying to get it back in that position after it slid down. In this case I just simply can't get it through the clearance, so I'm gonna disconnect the hose, slide the clamp down and reconnect the hose while holding the clamp in position. Once I've accomplished that, then I simply have to tighten down the clamp. Once again ensuring to put it into proper position so it gets right on the base of the lip on the nipple. Times like these you'll find it may be handy to have an extra hand to kind of hold the electrical connectors out of the way, hold the clamp in place, and tighten the screwdriver. Just remember it can be frustrating at times, be patient, don't lose your temper. Ok we've got them tightened down. I'm just going to quickly check them. Try and twist them with my hand and try and tug on them a little bit, make sure they're tight. So watch our next segment on a helpful hint or tip that might save you some diagnostics time or assist you in verifying correct installation of the hose.


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