Connecting the Hose When Installing a New Heater Core Hose

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Install a car's new heater core hose after lubing it and position the clamps by connecting each end of the heater hose; learn how from our expert car mechanic in this free auto-maintenance video.

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Video Transcript

In this segment we're going to cover installing the heater hose. We've already discussed loobing it and the proper position of the clamps. Now we'll simply connect each end of the heater hose one at a time, slowly sliding it over the nipple. So what you do is get the hose installed on both nipples. I've got the lower one just a minute ago and I'm now slowly pushing the upper hose on just wiggling it back and forth and twisting slightly so it slides on easily. We don't want to crank or bend or clip the hose or damage it in any way. Once we get both ends connected we want to visually look over the hose, make sure it's routed correctly, that it's not rubbing on any hard parts. The engines mounted on rubber motor mounts and when the engine twirks when you accelerate and deaccellerate and this movement if the hose is rubbing on something it will start to cause a wear and a premature failure of the hose. So we want to make sure it's in its proper place and not rubbing anything. At this time I'm going to go ahead and clip it into this clamp located under this hose and holds it in that proper position right there. Then once I've got it into proper position, I simply slide the clamps down; tighten them up with a screw driver. So now that we've inspected everything and we're confident that it's routed correctly and not rubbing on anything, the next step is to tighten the clamps. You can do this with the use of a straight screwdriver or use screw type clamps. And commonly you could use a 5/16 nut driver or an 8 millimeter nut driver. They have a tendency to stay on the nut better than a flatter screwdriver but any of them will work. Just take your time, tighten down the hose clamp where it's good and snug. You don't want to over tighten it because you could damage the nipple. Some of them are made of plastic. And the size of the clamp is usually less than the diameter of the nipple. The nipple is usually about an inch long. The clamps are about 3/8 of an inch wide. So you want to put the clamp, if you feel the nipple you'll find at the end of the nipple there's a lip and you want to put that clamp right behind where that lip is so it squeezes in and provides a good seal right at the base of the lip on the end of the hose nipple. So watch our next segment on installing a hose part two.


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