How to Remove a Car's Heater Core Hose

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Remove a car's heater core hose properly once you have reached it; learn how from our expert car mechanic in this free auto-maintenance video.

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Video Transcript

On this segment we're going to cover removing the heater hose part two. Now quite commonly with heater hoses and other hoses, you'll find the clamps are in real awkward positions and not really accessible. The reason for this is various other components weren't on the vehicle at the time that the hose was connected. Right now our clamp is kind of rotated downward and isn't accessible so what I'm going to do is grab the clamp with the pliers on the side of it and slowly rotate the clamp around to where I have accessibility to both of the terminals so I can squeeze and expand it. And once again you just want to take your time and go around slow. You don't want to pry off of other devices or objects because you could easily damage another component down there. We've got some cooling sensors for the computer, a distributor right next to this. These don't make good prier items and they won't put up with very much physical stress and if you damage one of those components it could easily cost you far more than what the job is entitled. Once you get the clamp loose, sometimes it is necessary to grab that hose with your priers and kind of wiggle it back and forth to break it loose because it'll kind of become attached through electrolysis corrosion and heat and time. So a little gentle persuasion if you can get that to break loose once you feel it break free then it generally will slide off fairly easy at that point. Let me use a little gentle pressure and leverage against the engine head and valve cover. Here's our defective hose and primarily what caused it to fail is old age. It's been in there since the vehicle was new and the hose has become dry rot and brittle hard and crackly. That's when pressure is applied and finds a weak spot. The whole fours included are lost. So at this time we're going to replace this old dried out warn out defective hose with a new soft pliable one and installing it with two new hose clamps. Watch the next segment on installing the hose clamps and installing the hose.


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