How to Install a Car Battery

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Tips on installing a new car battery. Learn how to replace an old car battery in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Change a Car Battery
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Aaron Gregory on behalf of Expert Village. And, we're going to talk about what happens when your car battery dies, how to select a new battery, and how to see what the problem is. Now, when you go to put the new battery in, you're going to want to figure out where your positive and negative cables come out so the battery is orientated in the right direction the first time. This is positive. And, this is negative. I know that because I took them off of the battery that way. But, you can find a negative terminal because it will be bolted onto the frame of the car and or the engine or transmission because it's grounding the negative side to the body of the car. The positive side will always be fully insulated and go into a fuse box or to the starter of the car on an insulated lug. We're going to put these up out of the way so the battery doesn't pinch them down and carefully lift the battery into place. Now that the battery is sitting orientated, let's see if the cables will reach the terminals. Positive to positive. Negative to negative. We're in business. Now, let's find the clamp and reposition the clamp and the J-bolts to hold it in place. Aligning the J-bolts with the slots in the bottom of the battery tray that you took them out of, lowering them into place, sliding the strap onto the battery where it belongs. Now, we need our 10mm socket, deep socket, so that we can thread this nut down onto the threaded rod and tighten the battery. Now, you've got a few pieces here to hold in position when you thread the nut down. Tighten them evenly so that the battery doesn't suffer too much pressure on one side or another. Now, our battery is very secure in the car. It won't tip over or spill or cause any other problems. Now that we have the new battery installed, we're going to wiggle it and see if it's tight. It's tight. It's not going anywhere. We're going to remember to reinstall these terminals starting with the positive and then moving on to the negative. I like to push the terminal down onto the battery as hard as I can and tighten it up by pushing down and twisting. It opens up the ring and makes the best contact as possible. Then, tightening it slightly, until you can't twist it anymore. Now, our battery is reconnected, and we have cleaned the terminals, and we've checked for corrosion inside the wires. The engine should start now.


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