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Watch an expert chef make a Pigs in a Blanket appetizer in this free series of simple appetizer recipes.

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Welcome back. I took the liberty of rolling out one, two, three of these pastry sheets. And I'm going to cut them with a nice, sharp knife diagonally. I like to stack them because that saves time and we all know I like to save time. Stack them one more time and now you've got quarters. So just from three sheets, that yields a lot of pastry dough. Okay? I'm going to take my hot dogs and I'm just going to cut them in half. Because I think that's a good bite sized snack for an appetizer. Alright. You're going to take your pastry dough and you're just going to wrap the little hot dog just like that. Isn't that so easy? Just take an end and roll it across. And it looks really pretty and homemade. Now while you're wrapping this, make sure that you've thought ahead and have a baking sheet for which they will live on. Right here I have a parchment covered baking sheet. Yet again because I don't like to clean up messes. Now a word about parchment paper. You can get that at your grocery store. You can get it in a roll. You can purchase it at the specialty stores in a larger size in case your oven yields a larger baking surface. My oven takes a sheet pan, a regular cookie sheet pan, perfectly, so. Sometimes I'll buy a larger one and I'll cut it to the size of my baking sheets. It's also a very affordable way to have lots of parchment for a little bit of money. I'm always about saving a little bit of money. Okay? So we've got our dogs rolling and we're going to do our next step. Remember the egg wash that we made with a little bit of egg and water. We're going to use that with a pastry brush and we're going to make the mess one time. Load them up, all pretty on our baking sheet. Put the cross edges down, because it will hold the pastry in place a little bit better and excuse my reach. I'm going to take our egg wash, give it a little stir. I am just going to lightly brush over the pastry to create that beautiful golden brown color that we so want to pop in our mouths. Now with these pigs in a blanket, you can serve it with a side of ketchup, you can serve it with herbed gourmet mustard if you'd like. Maybe some Grey Poupon or Dijon, or a whole grain mustard. Or you can just set them out and watch them disappear. Which is usually what happens in my house. I'm going to pop these in the oven that's waiting at three-fifty temperature. I'm going to cook them for about fifteen to twenty minutes, but I'm going to check on them to make sure they get that beautiful golden brown color. When you come back, we're going to eat.


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