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Tips for doing step aerobics moves the right way. Learn about the proper technique in step aerobics in this free fitness workout from a professional instructor.

Part of the Video Series: Step Reebok Aerobic Exercises
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Video Transcript

In order to make step classes effective and safe, there are a couple stepping techniques that I would like to go over with you. Number one is making sure the bench is not too high for your ability. So starting with a four inch bench or perhaps a six inch bench is going to be your best bet if you're a beginner. Second is making sure that you step to the center of the bench so if I'm approaching from the front I want to make sure that my entire foot comes up onto the bench. I don't want my heels hanging off. I can injure my gastrocnemius or your calf muscle by hanging your heels off the bench. Also, I'll show you from the side a basic step. I want to make sure that both heels come all the way up. You want to glance down at your bench, but you do not want to roll forward and contract your back muscles. You want to have a nice tall posture. You're glancing down without looking down. You're stepping to the center of the bench, the heels need to be up, and there is just a slight lean forward of your body as you step. Another important safety factor is to make sure the heels get down to the floor on each step. If I step up, I want to make sure the heel that I drop down, toe ball heel to the floor. If I leave my heels up constantly then I get this overuse of the gastrocnemius or the calf muscles again. I can get stiff and sore in that area and the first time you take a step class, you will know it the next day because of those calf muscles. A little bit of what we call delayed onset muscle soreness into the calf muscle. So, again, step to the center of the bench, heels need to come up, a slight lean forward of the body without rounding the spine, a slight focus down to the bench so you're aware of your surroundings and making sure that your heels touch down to the floor after each step.


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