How to Do Bosu Ball Side to Side Squats

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Side to side squats on a bosu ball involve stepping off to the side and doing squats with one foot on the ball and one on the ground. Learn how this simple exercise can help you tone and strengthen your legs in this free fitness video lesson.

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Video Transcript

ALICE MONSAERT: Okay, we've mastered the squat on the floor. We've mastered the squat or attempting to master the squat on the BOSU. Now, we're going to add movement from side to side on the BOSU with the squat. So, again, find your spot on the BOSU where you can be balanced and we've done our squat. So now, we're going to take the squat, move it on the floor and back on the BOSU. So, I'm squatting off to the side and shifting my weight back on to the BOSU. So, here's the squat, hips back, my feet are a little bit wider than a normal squat, and lift back up onto the BOSU. I can do that to the other side. And again, you want to do as many repetitions as it takes to fatigue the muscle group. To take this another level higher, I can move those squats from right to left or left to right, but I'm keeping my focus forward. Again, rather than looking down, you have a tendency to want to look down because you are so unbalanced. But looking down not only takes your focus out, but it will have you round your spine, we always want nice tall spines. So, this is our squat, moving to the floor side to side, targeting the quads, the hamstrings, the glutes as well as the core muscles in that stability challenge.


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