How to Do Bosu Ball Squats

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Doing squats on a bosu ball is a great way to tone and strengthen your lower body. Learn how to pump up your workout routine with bosu ball squats in this free fitness video lesson.

Part of the Video Series: How to Do Bosu Ball Exercises
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Video Transcript

ALICE MONSAERT: This exercise on the BOSU is going to be the squat. Now, you want to master the squat on the floor before you attempt to do it on the BOSU. In a squat, the body remains upright. The feet come about hip distance apart. And the first action is the hips moving back so the hips move back, then the knees bend, and the arms can reach forward because you feel more balanced, counterbalancing the arms with moving forward. So, here's my squat on the floor. I want to keep my spine in alignment, my shoulders back. What I need to avoid is moving into the knees where the knees comes past the toes. So once you've got that on the floor, your next challenge is to take it on the BOSU. So, we're adding that stability challenge and I want to focus out in front. And if looked down, I most likely will lose my balance. So, keep my shoulders up, my head up, and I push the hips back, bring the arms forward, keep my focus, and then lift. What we're targeting on is the glutes, the hamstrings and the quadriceps in a squat. Sitting back, chest stays lifted, my focus goes forward, and I lift up. I can add a kinesthetic challenge to that as well by looking over to the right side and or left side when I do that squat or just staying in the center for my squat on the BOSU.


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