How to Do Curtsy Lunges

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The curtsy lunge is a type of lunge done with the legs crossed. Learn how to tone your lower body using a bench to add intensity to curtsy lunges in this free health and fitness video lesson on how to get the lean, sexy legs you've always dreamed of!

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ALICE MONSAERT: Another variation of the lunge is the curtsey lunge. You know, when somebody does a curtsey, they cross their legs, their legs are crossed and the knees are turned out a little bit more than our regular straight-on lunge. So we're going to use the bench for this. I've chosen not to use the hand weights just because it's a little challenging, and I would want to build up to adding the hand weights as my resistance. So I'm going to step across onto the bench and lower the body down. I want to see that my knee tracks over the center of my foot and push back up. So it's a little curtsey. I'm using the bench to create the intensity and then, of course, I'd want to do it with the other leg. Step out to the side, cross over, and I'm just tapping out to the side. I'd like to show you that from the end so you'll see that the legs are crisscrossed and that the toe turns out rather than facing forward, as well as the back foot has to be slightly turned out. Lower the body weight down and tap. Lower the weight down, tap out to the side or just bring the foot together, and, on the end of the bench, I have to step off to the side a little bit, so I don't have quite as much room as I did when I was facing the bench. So, again, it's just a twist, a variation, onto your regular lunge to target the muscle groups just a little bit differently for your lunges.


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