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Clothes are important to your tour guide image. Learn what to wear as a tour guide in this free world travel video from our professional tour director.

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Video Transcript

A question I'm often asked, particularly by women: what do you wear? Before I cover how we actually do the job, they want to know: what do you wear? I'm asked that all the time. [Do the companies have uniforms?] It depends on the company. If you are working for a destination management company, you are working locally, you are working with management people. They want you conservative, so often times they do. So they'll have possibly khaki pants, navy blue pants, sometimes a white polo shirt. In the evenings, a navy blue suit; usually the women wear the skirt and the men of course, the pants; small post earrings, simple ring, maybe a bracelet. Not green hair, not blue fingernails, and it's (I know it's in, with the kids especially the colored fingernails)...but when you are working with management, they want conservative to just, sort of, fit in. When you do domestic tours, some of the companies have color schemes. Like I know one is white and red. Some will have blazers; a lovely gold-colored blazer or a navy blue blazer. And we all wear badges...name badges, no matter what we do if it's local, domestic or international. For international, we don't want to stand out. So my rule of thumb, and this...I use this on the cruise ships also...is to dress a little bit better than the tour members. So, for instance, with what you have on...I'd wear the blazer, I'd wear the top; jeans, I rarely wear jeans. Sometimes when I'm at the North Cape or up at the North Pole or in that area, occasionally, like when I'm in Alaska or Norway, I'll wear jeans. Rarely do we wear shorts. If I'm doing the Great Barrier Reef, then I may wear shorts. But otherwise, we are wearing khaki pants and nice shirts. You want to look like you are working; like you're not there on vacation but you are there to work and you are a professional. So you can't wear your jeans. Close toed shoes, more likely tennis shoes because we do a lot of walking on our tours, and then you'll be perfect.


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