How to Dry a Wet Dog

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Learn tips and techniques on how to towel dry and blow dry your dog in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Groom a Dog
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Video Transcript

Today. we are taking about dog grooming. Right now I have a Portuguese water dog that has been bathed and rinsed and I am going to show you how to properly dry him. First you take your towel and dry off his head, want to massage all around there and make sure you get his beard and his cheeks, his muzzle and dry off up underneath his ears, dry off his ears. And then you can work down the rest of the dog, starting at the back, vigorously rub, try and soak up as much as the water as you can. Sometimes it takes more than one towel and work your away down his chest and his neck across the sides, his belly, work your way down his legs, down his tail. All right, this dog has been towel dried now. The next step of getting a dog dry is to use what is called a forced hairdryer and a forced hairdryer shoots a very high volume of air at the dog and it blows out any wetness that is in there and also when any dead coat that is in there. When you are going to blow out the dog you make sure you never get the air stream, ears or in his eyes or in his mouth. You always want to keep it just on the top of the skull and work your way down the neck and the body. I am going to use ear protection because it is also very loud. Goony is about 90% dry now. He is going to go into his cage and he is going to dry the rest of the way with the cage dryer.


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