How to Shampoo Your Dog

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Learn tips and techniques on how to shampoo your dog in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Today we are talking about dog grooming and right now we are going to bathe a Portuguese water dog named Uni. Now, I am going to lift Uni up here. And, the way to properly lift a dog is to place one hand in the front and one hand in the rear and lift with your legs, never with your back. Always tether your dog in the tub so he doesn’t jump out or get away from you and never leave your dog unattended in the tub. Now, when we bathe a dog you want to make sure you get the water warm and basically you want to start from the head and neck area and work your way back down his back. Work your way along the sides, back legs, his tail, get up under between his legs, get his belly, get his chest and the front legs. I like to do the head last. Make sure you never get any water in the ears. Always keep the ears down. And try to avoid the eyes. Get the muzzle and the beard nice and wet. With the shampoo, I usually do it the same way. You start at the base of the head and the neck and work your way down the back. Make sure you lather it up, and on the sides, down the back legs, get the front legs, the belly, between his legs, the tail, and definitely his rear end. On the head, you want to pour the shampoo on the top but keep the ears down, make sure no shampoo gets in the eyes, on the muzzle, his cheeks and finally his beard. You just want to work that into a real good lather. His ears, and just go over his whole body. You want to just massage the shampoo in there to break up any dirt or dead coat that might be in there. Work it into a real good lather. You want to pay special attention to the legs and the feet, things that are closest to the ground that pick up the most dirt and debris and tend to be the dirtiest. Work it between the pads, rear end and his tail. OK, now it is time to rinse.


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