How to Brush Your Dog

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Learn tips and advice on how to brush your dog and the line brushing technique in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Groom a Dog
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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Anne-Marie and today we are learning basic dog grooming. In this series we are going to learn about brushing and combing your dog before bathing it. So once again we brush him with a slicker brush all over everywhere head to toe paying special attention to areas like the legs, where knotting occurs frequently. We would double check by a metal comb and between the toes there are another common place for knot, Goony here is in pretty good shape. If you have the dog with the tail you want to check the hair on the tail, because a lot of time that gets tangled and if you hold the tail a little more comfortable for the dog. I am going to check it with the comb and once again if Goony knot we will be able to use this anywhere on his body, just being very careful to keep the flap part against his skin and the sharp part against the knot on his hair. Now if you have a dog like a bearded collie or briard something with really long hair, you might want to learn about line brushing. Line brushing is done by lifting up the hair of course it would be longer on those breeds and just pulling out hair all along a line and moving up and pulling hair of the next line and moving up and pulling hair up. And that’s a great way to check your dog all over for knots. Alright, I think Goony in pretty good shape. We will check him from head to toe, all four legs, of course we will move our sharp tools away from his feet, all four legs and anywhere there is a joint, elbow, a hock, you more likely to see knots in those areas. Belly line if you get a really bad knot you want to take your #10 blade and just shave out just the knot and then you could brush over, that will save the dog a lot of pain. Goony is ready, almost ready for the tub.


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