How to Clean the Old Glue Off the Chair: Part 2

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Learn how to clean old glue off the chair, with expert tips and advice on refurbishing antiques from a professional woodworker in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Repair & Restore an Old Chair
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Video Transcript

Clean these slots, this is what I like to use this old chisel for. Just get right in there and scrape it. Use the side of the chisel to clean to side of the slot and scrape it out real good. Get all this junk off of here. You especially want to pay attention to the corners, right down in this little round part here, clean it out real good. Tap the junk out. Now we're going to do that to all of these parts. So now those parts are clean, we'll go to the spindles. Again, I use this and I like to make a stroke towards myself. Its a little easier to do, its kind of clumsy going like that. So, I'm going to just scrape all around. You want to expose as much bare wood as possible without taking too much off and changing the size of the spindle. That's pretty much it. Sometimes if the glue is really loose, this little brush, you can just scrub it like that. So now we've cleaned the parts. We're ready to start gluing the chair back together.


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