Proper Cooking Temperature for Beef Steak Florentine

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Learn tips on what temperature to grill beef steak Florentine to in this free video lesson on preparing Italian dishes.

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So we're going to let these cook for a minute and what I have is a I'm sorry a ready read thermometer so this is a kind of thermometer that you can just stick into the meat and it'll tell you the temperature immediately. You don't leave it in now what I'm going to do this is really mostly by touch and intuition but I can say basically you can have about 4 minutes on 1 side before you would turn it. Let see 3 to 4 and what I do occasionally pick it up gives it a really nice grill marks I'm ready to turn these, I know I said 4 minutes on the side but look how beautiful that looks and it's really ready to turn. You do not want to over cook these I'm going to be cooking medium rare, I'm going to test them after another 3 minutes with my instant read thermometer. The way I do it I take 1 steak with tongs and just stick the instant read thermometer into it. Now I like my meat medium rare it's about 100 degrees right now but I'm going to want to pull it at a 120 so I'm going ahead and flip it over again. And I'm going to test this one different meat cooks differently so I always test each one and see this one is at 115, so it's just got to like maybe 2 minutes more to go don't walk away just stand by the stove and drink some wine. I like my meat quit rare I like it on the rare side to medium rare and so then when my instant read thermometer says 120 I'm taking them off and turning off the pan. You might want your windows open while your doing this it makes a lot of smoke. But any way here there going to sit just like this for 15 minutes before we slice them if we slice them to soon all the juices will run out and they'll look well done and they won't taste like anything. So you just, just let them sit and what happens they come to about 140 degrees temperature all by themselves because meat continues to cook once it's finished, it's warmed enough to keep on cooking so it's just going to sit like this and we'll slice it later.


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