How to Wire a Dishwasher

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Get tips on wiring a new dishwasher in your kitchen in this free online DIY home improvement and kitchen renovation video.

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Video Transcript

I’m Lee. I have a degree in architecture and about ten years in the construction field, and we’re installing a new dishwasher in our remodeled kitchen. What you always want to do is you want to slide it in, and you usually have the supply line going through the wall of the cabinet and you have the wire coming out. You have three wires out the dishwasher. You’re going to take this little cover off back here, right through the back there’s a whole- that’s where the wires slide through. You take the wires from a switch and just slide them through. Sometimes there’s a clamp around this, but there’s usually just some plastic to cover up the metal. And you just kind of bend it so it’ll stay there while you’re working on it. Separate the wires, and you’re just going to correspond the wire colors. Black to black- now these are much shorter, so you just want to wind them towards the right around the other wire and then take the wire nut, and just screw it on until it’s snug. It’ll start to twist the wire some. And then you just do the white the same way and green always goes to the bare wire- that’s the ground. The one that you want to watch out for is the black one- that’s the hot wire. And the white one is just the neutral wire to complete the circle.

Tear you off a piece of electrician’s tape. Wrap it around the two wires and the wire nut connector. Put this over it, put it back in, and put the nut back in. And you don’t have to over tighten this or anything. And then it would be wired in. You also want to make sure that your switch is turned off before you wire this in. or better yet you should probably just turn off the entire house breaker- that would be the safest thing to do. And that’s how you would wire your new dishwasher in your kitchen remodel.


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