How to Remove Paint


Use a razor scraper or putty knife to safely remove paint from kitchen cabinets or walls. Learn how, plus get tips on how to clean up old kitchen cabinet hinges, in this free online DIY home improvement video.

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Video Transcript

I’m Lee. I have a degree in architecture and about ten years experience in the construction field, and we’ve just finished installing a- not a new sink, but a refurbished sink in a refurbished countertop. This is all oak, so at some point you may want to strip the entire counter, but that is a big, messy job. But what you want to do, just to clean everything up, is just get all the little rough spots off. Get yourself a razor scraper, or if you are afraid of a razor scraper, just get yourself a nice, good putty knife. And just clean off all the spots and you can repaint it all and it’ll be a little bit smoother.

On the hinges, they’re real easy. If you want to keep the old hinges, get a box cutter and cut around the hinge. And as you can see, it has tons of paint on it. And don’t do that- don’t cut towards yourself. And then the paint will start coming out. You’ll be able to peel it off or, if not, just get the scraper and scrape it off. And then once you get all the paint scraped off- and, you know, if you just want to replace them, you can do that too, but get a wire brush and you can polish out the brass or copper or whatever they are. And that is how you would clean up the hardware on old cabinet doors and cabinets.


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