The Yuuki Slack Advanced Yo-Yo Trick

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Learn how to do the yuuki slack single Yo-Yo trick in this free yo-yo video.

Part of the Video Series: Performing Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

ANDRE BOULAY: The next trick is called Yuuki Slack. The trick was invented by Yuuki Spencer. On the first year, he did it at the World Yo-yo contest, everybody went crazy 'cause they had never seen anything like it and what you are actually doing is you pinch on the string, slacking it, and whipping it back and forth between your hands. Just like that. So let me show one more time what this looks like full speed, just like this. That's the whole trick right there. I'm going to break this down to the first step for you, start with the trapeze. What you're going to do is pinch your thumb against your pointer finger just like so and you're going to swing the yo-yo over and as you do this you actually take your non-throw hand and bring it in towards yourself, so just like this and you'll notice that the string actually slacks and flips over. And see, you can actually get into a Double or Nothing pretty quick like this. You pinch, swing over here into a Double or Nothing right there. Pinch, swing over. This is the first step to the Yuuki Slack trick, so one more time. You pinch, swing over-- it's the first step. The rest of the trick looks like this and we're going to talk about that in part two. For now, practice this part one, pinch, slack, get to that point. Part one of Yuuki slack.


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