How to Jump Start a Car With a Jump Box

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Learn how to jump start a car with a jump box in this free vehicle emergency video. Get automotive tips for diy auto maintenance.

Part of the Video Series: Car Maintenance and Repair Tips
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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m William Myers from Austin Subaru for Expert Village. We showed you how to jump start a car with another car now we’re going to show you how to jump start a car with an automotive jump box. Now this is an expensive one but I’m a professional I use it all the time, you can buy these things from almost any auto parts store for somewhere between 130 and $90 depending on the brand and quality but a jump box is very nice so if your cars in the garage, you’ve left your lights on the battery’s gone dead, you just pull out your jump box, they charge real easily and they’re real easy to use and you can jump start your car by yourself. We’re going to show how to jump start your car using a jump box, now remember when we hook our cable up we’re always going to hook the positive up first and the negative up last, take the negative off first and the positive last. Okay now we’re going to jump start this car, first you take your positive battery cable on your jump box and you hook it up to the battery, take the negative battery cable from your jump box, hook it up to the negative side of the battery, then you walk around and start the car and that’s how you jump start a car. Now there’s one more thing I want to show you on this jumper box there’s a little volt meter, now if I push on that button it’ll show my 14 volts that means the alternator is charging and this is just something that it’s neat to know. Now that I know the system’s charging I probably left a light on or something but just remove the negative cable first, the positive cable last and you’re done.


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