How to Install Wiper Inserts

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Learn how to install windshield wiper inserts with expert car tips in this free online automotive repair video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m William Myers from Austin Subaru for Expert Village. Now that you have your wiper blade off we’re going to install an insert in this wiper blade and wiper arms this whole piece right here is a little more expensive than an insert but inserts are a little more difficult to install it does require some tool, a little effort and sometimes they’ll even fight a professional to get them in and out. So first if you look real close you’re going to see these little tabs right there and we’re going to take these pliers and we’re going to push down on those tabs and push the wiper blade out right there, see the little tabs that I’m pushing down and pushing forward to clear and now once its clear the wiper blade will slide out real easily or the insert will slide out real easily. Now once you have your insert out you install your new insert take it out of this nice protective packaging and you’ll see they have these little metal rails here now those are very important and if you look real close you’ll see that there’s a piece of rubber, the metal rail, another piece of rubber and a little guide, now on your wiper arm this piece right here goes in that big guide right there at the other end are little locking tabs they are sharp, so if you’re not careful and you run your hand cross this you will hurt yourself, I know I’ve done that. Now to install a wiper insert all you do is get it lined up and that’s the hard part, okay double check your other side both sides are in the groove, you just slide it down and you got a whole bunch of them you’ve got to line up, make sure your metal goes in. Alright now these here just keep the metal rods in place so I’m going to slide one down and slide one off and you just keep installing all the way down the wiper blade and remove this and watch them sharp little hooks and get it through the last one and once you’re through the last one all you have to do is pinch and pull and you’ll hear it snap into place, you see how both my locks are in place that way the wiper blade can’t move. Now that you’ve got your insert installed all you have to do is install the wiper arm again and remember it just clips right in and you hear a snap that’s how you install an insert.


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