How to Install a New Car Battery

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Learn how to install a new car battery with expert car tips in this free online automotive repair video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m William Myers with Subaru for Expert Village. Okay now we’re going to install the new battery, just pick your battery up lift it up, set it in the battery tray, get it lined up and now we’re going to install the j-hooks. Now remember these j-hooks go in little holes down at the bottom of the battery but first put your battery bracket in, run your j-hook through the top hole, stick your hand down in, find the little hole, once you get the little hole in the j-hook in the little hole just snug down this top 10mm nut that way it won’t fall back out. Now the tricky side is doing the one on the back side of the battery because there is a wiring harness down here that you saw earlier that you have to get your fingers and hand in but finding that little hole isn’t that tough. Once you find it you snug down this nut, come with your wrench your 10mm wrench and tighten it up no too tight because if you tighten it down too tight you can damage the battery, so good and snug we’re not going to use the German torch back here good and tight. Alright it’s now good and snug, now we’re going to reinstall our battery wires but remember we’re going to install the positive first and the negative last but first before we do that we need to clean the terminal ends before we reinstall them. Okay now we’re going to clean the battery terminal ends, if you noticed I put safety glasses on because I am going to be using a wire brush and I don’t want anything flying up and getting in my eye. The first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to clean the positive and negative battery terminal ends with this wire brush, you can pick them up at any parts store for about $2. Just gently scrub it out, go to the negative one, gently scrub it out, then you take the little terminal brush cleaner and you’ll see that there’s wire brushes in here, you put on the positive post, spin it, put it on the negative post, spin it, then you’re ready to install your cable ends. Just put the positive cable end on first, tighten the 10mm nut on your battery terminal end, good and tight that’s the German torch spec thank you, connect your negative terminal end, tighten your 10mm nut and don’t forget to reinstall your plastic clip it keeps your battery cable nice and safely around and that battery clip just pushes back down it doesn’t screw back off or screw back on like that when you take it off and that’s how you change a battery.


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