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Understand about pet chinchillas and spraying in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Buy & Care for Chinchillas
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Video Transcript

Another defense mechinisim that chinchillas sometimes use when they're frightened is to spray urine at you. when you have them backed into a corner. Not all chinchillas will do this and the females are actually the only ones with the right anatomy to be able to aim and spray at you. Sometimes you will come across something that we call a sprayer. Youll know when you reach in and then all of a sudden they shoot out, rock back on their legs, and shoot it at you. Working with a sprayer does take some time and patience, its not a very pleasent thing to deal with but its not going to hurt you in any way. Sometimes they dont stop completely, but they're, with the proper handleing hopefully theyre going to reduce the times they're going to try to do that. When you reach in to them and the rock back and try to spray at you, dont pull your hand back. I know its kind of hard to stand there while thier doing that but if they dont get the reaction they are looking for they tend to not do it as much. Just slow patience kind of getting them to calm down and not become so frightened will help. You want to them know that your not going to hurt her and she, her doing that is not going to change the way your interacting with her. Watch this next segment and we're going to conclude our section on chinchillas.


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