Put Ointment in Your Cat's Ears

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Putting ointment in your cat's ears safely and easily are discussed in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Give Pills to a Cat
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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan and I am the owner of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic and I am here today on behalf of expertvillage.com to talk to you about cat first aid and administration of medications. When your cat has an ear infection and in many cases it is the ear mites, you may need to put something in the ear, like an ointment or a fluid and the ear on a cat or dog is actually L-shaped, so it goes down where you see the hole right here about an inch and then it goes in and the eardrum is inside the skull. So you have this L thing to deal with, so you have to put your ointment down in and then you want to pull the ear out and massage it to make it go the rest of the way in. So let us see if this guy will let me do it, this is just an ointment and basically I open this ear until I can see the hole and I put a few drops down in there, not a lot, and then you can actually just with your finger massage it around a little at the top part here but then you need to straighten that ear out and massage the ear canal from this direction and so it helps again to have someone holding their head but you want to massage it with the ear out, instead of doing it like this, you want that ear to be out, so that you can make it go down toward the middle of his head, and so that will get that ointment to mix on down into his ear, so and then he can check his head, now it is good. So that is how you put ointment and drops for the same, you just put some drops in.


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