How to Make a Paper Baseball Hat

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Paper you'll need to make a paper baseball hat and how to assemble the hat; learn this and more in this free online arts and crafts video on making party supplies taught by expert Ginny Larson.

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Video Transcript

We're going to make party hats. I'm going to show you how to make a baseball hat or an engineer's hat out of newspaper. The first thing you'll need is your newspaper base with a relatively shallow bowl. You're going to take your scissors and you're going to cut out around the hat. You're going to cut the newspaper off leaving the front so that you can make a bill. You're going to cut right underneath the masking tape to about there and then just cut it off. Now you're going to take your paper from here and kind of cut a bill shape with it or an engineer shape if you will. Going through all your layers of paper. And this is going to become a baseball or engineer's cap by using masking tape. You're going to put rows of masking tape all away across your hat. It's okay to tape it right on down to the table so that you have some to put underneath so that you have your hats secured. Once you've put your tape all away across from side to side, you’re going to also want to come here and give it strength this way and then go ahead and take it off. Flip it over and tuck it under. And then just to secure it a little bit more you might want to put a little tape here in the back so that you keep your brim and the inside of your hat doesn’t fall out. Helps if your masking tape is cooperative. And once you have that done you're ready to decorate your hat. I've decorated my hat with a little bit of paint, a little bit of glitter and then foam letters, but of course you could put your favorite sports team on here, you could even cut out something from the newspaper with your sports team or paint it with stripes, blue and white stripes and you have an engineer hat. And that's how you make a baseball cap or an engineer's hat out of newspaper.


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