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Get instructions on how to download music using iTunes and learn how to preview songs and buy songs in this free iTunes video lesson taught by an iPod user and expert on music downloads.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So, now, I'm going to show you how to download music from the iTunes store. So, this is your iTunes homepage and this is--you got pretty much everything; music, movies and so on. Just to demonstrate though, if I scroll down the bottom, here's the 'Free on iTunes'. So, I'll just click on one of these and then you can see--when you're looking at music, this is what you're going to see. You're going to see a band name and the album cover, song, genre, released, this kind of thing. And then if there are any customer reviews, they'll be right here. And then there are kind of some extra things on here, the 'Top songs', 'Listeners also bought'. But the songs that you're actually buying appear down here, they look just like they do in your iTunes library. And if you want to preview them before you buy them, you can just double click them and they'll play just like a regular song. And you'll get about 30 seconds of preview. So, to actually get--buy a song, you see this one's free so I can just get song and--but I still need to enter in my Apple ID so I still need to have it. If this were a song I need to purchase, it would most likely be $0.99 unless you buy a song. But you just look over here while I enter in my password. Alright, I'm signed in now. I just updated recently so I need to re-agree to the terms of service. But now, I just hit 'Get song' and then you can see under 'Store', this little download thing pops up and it goes really fast so you didn't get to see that but you can see it's done. And now this download is in my iTunes music library. And so, I'm going to show you like, a real CD that you can buy--to get back to the homepage, you can see--here's a little navigation right here. If I just click right here, I'll go back to home. So, I'm going to show you the actual music store. So, it's set up real similar to your homepage. You see--except it's all music now except for right here where you can navigate back to other things. And you got this 'More in music', just some--a whole bunch of stuff. Some of it's time sensitive like these Grammies. You got some genres; rock, jazz, local, pop. These are just like, popular things in the genres. Some other links right here, you got 'Top songs' over here and 'Top albums' below that. I mean, there's this 'Just for you' feature which is nice and based on what you download, it fills up these categories. It's also got a genre over here and of course, if you would just want to search for something and you know what it is, go up to the search box in the top right, right here. But let me just show you one more thing. If I go to an album--here is the album and you notice it looks just like it did when I showed you that free song album art. This would be the artist. This is various artists though. Album, title--here you go. And then you've got an 'iTunes review' and you also have customer reviews below that but then down here is where you buy your songs. And to buy a song, of course, you just hit 'buy song' and this is a cool thing. It shows you popularity, which ones are most popular and this bottom one is. Sometimes you'll see it says, 'album only' like this and that means the only way to get these songs is to buy the whole album which is right here and typically albums are $9.99 and typically songs are $0.99. So, that's how you buy just regular songs from the iTunes library. And in next clip, I'll show you iTunes Plus.


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