Making a Four Face Bow for Your Wedding Corsage

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How to make a four face bow for your bridal bouquet or corsage; get expert tips and advice on floral arrangements for weddings in this free instructional video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Wedding Bouquets & Corsages
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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Ruth DeHoyos and I am with Expert Village to show you how to do your wonderful bridal bouquet and a corsage for the perfect wedding. Now I am going to show you how to do a bow. This is called a four-face bow, you can do a three-face bow, you can do a two-face bow, just like we did the tuck just for the back of the corsage we did here. All it means is it has two its sides, two little loops on this side. This one has four on each side and it just makes it look fuller and neater and you can use any sized ribbon that you want. If you have decide to use the thicker ribbon, you just cannot make as many loops because then it overpowers the corsage. So we are going to do is take a little loop again, then you are going to take the loop and come underneath, tuck then you are going to go back up again underneath and you tuck. At the first time, you do this it is going to hurt because your hands are cramped and they are not used to making the bow but as time goes on you can just practice and keep doing it. Some people use a loop over the corsages that was at one time we used to do that also but now we do not. This is a three-face bow, again some ribbon that you use might be too thin, and you cannot make enough loops but if it is too thin the ribbon will not be workable and you cannot manage it very good with your fingers. So I would try to use something with the little bit of wire in it, not much, again I did four loops on each side and two tails, got my thin wire, cross it over, fold it. I let it go. This is easier with a little bit of wired ribbon and you twist it and then you just poof up your bow and you are done and that makes the perfect corsage. Now if your customers or your people want extra stuff you can just add it to your corsage and make it even fuller.


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