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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So now I'm going to show you how to use the Revisions on the Google presentation document. And just like all the other Google Document, Google Spreadsheet, and now Google Presentation, you can go back to older versions by going to this revisions tab, and this is what it looks like when you're in a Google Presentation. So you've got just revisions by number right here, and then you've got when it happened and by who. And if you have multiple people collaborating on this presentation, it would have more than just "Me." It would have their name, and then just a brief thing about the changes made. And if I want to go look at one of these, I will just click it, and then it gives me this little view right here where I can see the slides just like that. And if want to go back to it, I would have to revert to this one. But I'll just close that and then let me go all the way back right there, and if want to go back to that, I'll just revert to it. So that's how you go back to older versions of your presentation, and this is useful if--I mean you just happen to make some mistakes and you just want to start over, all you would have to do is just go back and find that revision and just start--click the "Revert to this version" button and start from there rather than having to delete a whole bunch. It could also be useful if you have other people collaborating with you and maybe somebody makes a couple of big mistakes, you can go back versions and change that. So that's how the Revisions work on Google Presentation.


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