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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So now, I'm going to show you, like, your formatting options, and this is basically just working with slides. So you could see all my slides right here and I can quickly skip the new ones by clicking on them. But when I actually want to edit a slide, I come over here in this little workspace. And for a picture, I can just click and move it around and use that corner to make it smaller. For text, if I click on it and I'm just going to get the textbox automatically like this. And there it is. And if I want to move this text around, I'll click on it and then go over to the box right here and then I can move the box around. So I'm going to put it right there. And now, this one's in the way so I'll move that down here. And some other things you can do, just your basic formatting, you've got your font here. You've got the font size, bold, italic, underline. Change the color of the font. You can highlight the font. And then you can chose to link to it if this is going to be shown as a Web presentation or you could send a link to it, and people could look at it and if there's links on there. So you would just type the URL or if you want an e-mail address, select here under the e-mail address and that would basically hyperlink this text. Some of your other options are, this right here, just--this indent options, Decrease indent or Increase indent. And then you have some--try to make a Bullet list, a Number list, and then Left, Center and Right adjustments. And if you just want to make any--get rid of any formatting, the little T with the X is always how you get removed formatting from any of your Google docs programs. Well, one more thing just Undo and Redo are right there. But that's basically how you work with slides. Remember when you create a slide, you can choose from these pre-made options so you don't necessarily have to make your own text boxes. But--that's how you would work with a slide and change formatting and things like that.


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