Using the Presentation Toolbar in Google Documents

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Using the presentation toolbar in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So now, we're moving on to the final thing that you can do in Google documents and that's make a presentation. So I'll just go to New and Presentation on my Google Docs homepage. And this is basically a real simplified version of PowerPoint or another like presentation kinda software. So the first thing I'll show you is your Edit toolbar. So you can see this is by default and it's a little Edit tab, and then you have just real simple options for New slide. And then you've got some slide layouts. And you got this kind of these little text boxes here or this kind of Text layout or Two Column text layout, Caption or a Blank. I'll try that layout right there. And then you've got the option to duplicate a slide. So, I just duplicated Slide 2. You can delete a slide, and there is this Delete. These actions are occurring on whichever slide I've selected on right here. And this is where I see all my slides right here in this little box on the left. I can also choose to insert an image. And then you want to browse your computer for the image. So I'll just see. So I browsed my computer and found an image. And I'm not sure but there's probably a file size limit on this, and it's probably two megabytes just like the document. So you want to make sure that you reduce your image, reduce the size of it before you upload it. So there you go. I just inserted the image straight there on the page and I can manipulate it and move it around. Now, the next option is to insert text and you can see it just makes a text box just like that. And the very next option is probably another good place to start is chose your theme. You've got--there are kinda a whole bunch of default themes right here and just quickly you can go through among by yourself like Gradient, Black Gradient, Graph Paper, Grass, Bubbles, Chalkboard. I've got some more, Pink n' Pretty, Gradient White, Rustic, Sparkling, Texturized, City, you get the idea. Just a whole bunch of different ones, I got Shelley, Liquid, Plain Jane. Let's try Liquid. Here we go. See kinda what that looks like. So that's the Edit toolbar in Google presentation. And just where you make a lot of your basic changes like adding slides and inserting image or text, and then over here that's where your work area which I will show you later.


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