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Google documents has many spreadsheet options for formulas, macros, and editing data, get expert tips and advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So one last thing on Google spreadsheets is the File menu. And I save it for last just because I think typically you go here when you're done editing a document. And just real quick, there's another new option. Of course, you can do this from your--where all your documents are organized right here. But you can also--and this other option is in the same place back where you organize your documents to import, and so is Open. You see it's been automatically saved if it hadn't automatically saved, there'd be a save option here. Remember there is a Save up here and Save & Close up here as well. There's an option to copy it. If I want to make--duplicate it basically so I can make changes to one and see if I want those to be the changes and stuff like that. Here's Print. And here are some of the options you can export to a PDF, fit to width, actual size, landscape or portrait and the paper size just like that. And then you can print over here as well. And once you get your PDF open, you should be able to print that. Some other options you got here, you can export. And this is probably one of the biggest things right here. So you can export to a CVS file, common separated values, HTML, PDF and TXT. Those are some of your export options. Probably the best export options and the most useful ones, first off, PDF. It's a file that most--all computers can see as long as they have Adobe's Acrobat reader, which most do. But they won't be able to edit but they will be able to see it. There's the dot-ODS. If you use OpenOffice, this is what you would use. And the most--probably the most important is the dot-XLS, which is Excel. And most computers will have Microsoft Word or a program that can open it. So saving it as an Excel sheet is a great way to export it. And they also have this option to Upload a new version. As of now, you can't work on this offline. I expect that to change in the future. But just a real quick workaround on that would be to export as an Excel sheet and then edit it using Excel or OpenOffice on your computer when you don't have an Internet connection. And when you do have an Internet connection, come back to it and upload a new version and select the Excel sheet that you updated when you were offline. So that's a quick workaround on how to do that. And then the other options are Rename which you can also do by clicking on the name. And Spreadsheet settings and there's not really that many settings just country and time zone. And Close. So that wraps up the spreadsheet part of Google documents. And I hope you see that it's a really powerful spreadsheet program. It's got all the basic features that most people are going to need, and it's got the real cool options since it's a Web-based spreadsheet to be able to share it with other users online. And work on it in real time and to be able to publish it on the Web with two clicks. So that's Google spreadsheet in Google documents.


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