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Understanding spreadsheets in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

MAN: So I'll just show you how to share a document and invite a collaborator. And what's really cool about Google Docs is that you can collaborate on that document in real time. So you can see down here, this is my document, and this exact same document is open over here and these are two separate e-mail accounts. So you see over here how the Education loan box is highlighted blue. That's my box. So you can see that when I click, I am going--it's just like regular editing of a document. I click all around. See, I've clicked on Credit card. Now this green box is the other person's box. And you can see when I scroll over it, I can see their e-mail. And if there are multiple people, there would be different boxes around as well. So you can see over on--this is the other e-mail that it's showing this box as green because that's the other e-mail. And this is my box over here, always in blue. So if I start--if I go to edit something, something in here, I'm typing -I'm editing something, you can see how in the other person's computer it goes gray. And at this time, they can't really do anything to it but they know that I'm doing something to that cell. And I'll just change it to, let's see, Gas Credit Card. And then I--when I get out of that cell, I'm done editing it. You can see it's changed on this other person's computer. It's gone from the gray and--when I hit enter, it went down. You can see now they see my boxes down here, but you can see how it changed on theirs. So that's the real time collaboration on a document. So another thing I want to show you about collaborating in real time is the Discuss tab. And this came up automatically once Google recognized that two people are editing a spreadsheet at the same time. So if it's not up, you can just switch to it. And when there's people on the spreadsheet at the exact same time, you can actually just chat. So just like a regular chat program, you just type your message and send it, and then you can see it sent it over to this other e-mail. And everybody who's on the document at the same time will all be in here. It's kinda like a group chat room. And then one other thing, you can see this little green box right here, this represents this green box. So I know when there's multiple ones in here, there'll be different colors. But I can choose to turn the box function off by hitting Hide collaborator locations. You can see it's still there if I scroll over it. But if I turn it on, I can see it, and I think it's pretty cool to keep it on. But if it's running a little slow, it'll probably speed it up to hide it, depending on your Internet connection. But that's how you collaborate in real time on a Google Spreadsheet and how you can discuss it in a simple chat program.


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