How to Share Spreadsheets in Google Documents

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: Now, I'm going to talk about how you can share a Google document with other Google document users. And just quickly to get to it, I'm going to go all the way over to the right and then click the Share tab. And this is really what sets--the next couple of clips, this is what sets Google Docs apart from other spreadsheet programs or just word processing programs is the ability to share with other people, and you can even edit the document in real time with other people on different computers in different places as long as they have an Internet connection. So this is like the coolest thing, I think, about Google documents is the sharing with other people so multiple people can edit it and then even collaborate in real time. So there's two kinds of people you can invite, a collaborator and a viewer. And the collaborator, of course, can actually edit the document themselves, and the viewer can only see it. So if you're going to invite them, you just want to go into the box, and as you can see as I start typing, my contacts pop up so that makes it really easy to find it and, of course, these are pulling contacts from the Gmail account that I'm signed into. And to choose contacts from your contacts, you could actually go right here and then select from this little pop-up window, that makes it a little bit easier, and you could also select a group. So a few more advanced options, if you want the people you invite to be able to invite others, you will leave this checked. If you want to be the only person that's in charge of inviting collaborators, you would want to uncheck this. And then imitations may be used by anyone, if you're sending this invitation out to a mailing list, you would want to check this. So to go ahead and invite this collaborator, I'm just going to click "Invite collaborator." And you can see it brings up a pop-up, and I'm going to actually send him an e-mail to let him know he's invited. And I can add a message if I want, but you don't have to, it's optional. So if you send the invitation, see, your message has been sent. And now you can see over here, this document is currently shared and has a collaborator. And if I wanted to remove them, I would just click here. If there are multiple collaborators, you would see them all right here, and I can remove them all at once if I wanted to by clicking here. Because I created this document, I have the most power. Even though this e-mail--this person can invite other collaborators, I am the only one that can remove all the collaborators 'cause I'm the creator of the document. And then I could e-mail them if I had any suggestions or comments about this document. There's just a really easy link right here to e-mail all the collaborators in one fell swoop. So here's the e-mail over here that I sent it to, and you can see that this other person received an e-mail that says they're invited to share this document. And if they haven't used it, they might get a sign like that, just continue, and then you can see there it is. So that's how you share a document in Google Docs.


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