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Using spreadsheet rows in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

MAN: So now, I'm going to talk about working with rows and columns in Google Spreadsheet. So probably the simplest thing you might want to do is just add a column or a row. And probably the easiest way to do it is find the--say, if I want to put a column in between B and C, I can do one of two things. I can click B and then I right click and I get all these options. And you can see you have this Insert 1 left or right. So I want to insert it between B and C so I would insert it to the right and then you can see--this is the new C, the old C is now column D and everything got moved over. So on that same--working with these columns, I'm just looking further at this right click menu. You can also delete a column or clear the contents of the column, hide the column, and then another option is sort. Let me show you what happens when you hide a column. This is kind of a cool feature. You can see it kind of puts up a little tiny tab up here, and it's just missing now. And it's kinda getting in my way when I'm viewing my spreadsheet so I would hide it 'cause I don't want to delete it 'cause I'll need it later. So that's how you hide a column. And to get it back, if I just scroll over it and click it, it pops back up. Now if I really didn't want it, I could just go to delete. The same applies for rows. You can see almost all of the same functions, the Insert 1 and above when I right click, delete and clear. You can't hide a row, or you can right here. And you can see it works just the same way. You can see there's 8t and then 10 and there is 9. So that's working with rows and columns. Probably--my opinion, the easiest way is to just use this right-click menu and you can do the same thing as long as--whatever you're highlighting and then right click. But another way would be to go to the Insert menu and you can insert column left or column right, and it pretty much does the same thing if I clicked here and done Insert 1 right or left, excuse me. But you get the idea. So that's working with columns and rows in Google Spreadsheet. And probably the coolest thing that is a little bit different is actually just hiding the column.


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