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Google documents has many file options to edit, view, copy, and delete files, get expert tips and advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So, there's only--there's not that much left to talk about but one last thing that I haven't covered yet is the File menu. And the reason I haven't covered it yet is because typically, this is a menu you're going to be using at the end, when you're done with your document or at least done for the time being. But I'll just go through all the options. You can start a new document right away by clicking right here on New. You can save it which is also available up here; Save, Save & Close and then you could discard the changes to the document that you made. We've got Print again which is also right up here conveniently and then you can rename it. But remember you can also rename it by just clicking on it and rename it like that. The next--what else we have here is Copy document. Just--it will make a copy if--maybe if you want to make some changes and weren't comfortably using the revisions and want to see if you like it and then you have two copies of the document or if you need a copy for any other reason. And you can also delete the document. And then here's an option to save it as a presentation. So, I haven't talked about presentations yet, but I will and it's basically a lot like Microsoft's PowerPoint. And you can see there, I just added it into a presentation, my document. So, you might find that useful. And then here are some real useful options right here. This is all your exporting settings. You can export as a zipped HTML. You can export it as RTF which is Rich Text Format and export as Word which is Microsoft Word. You can export it as OpenOffice, a free Microsoft Word alternative. You can export as a PDF and a text. Probably, if you want to use--your most useful options right here are as Word 'cause most everybody has a copy of Microsoft Word and then or as a PDF which is a Portable Document Format and just almost everybody has this installed in a computer and this is kind of a read-only thing where they could look at it but couldn't really edit it whereas they could with like Word. And if you want to use some of the other options, you'd probably already know if you needed to use these. The next thing, we got like a word count right here if you need to use this and it really breaks it down into a lot of options right there. And there's a Find and replace. And as of right now, it's in alpha so it's kind of in an experimental phase but I'm sure it's going to come out of alpha eventually. So, keep an eye on this and it's just basic Find and replace that most programs have like that. And then you've got your Document settings again which you also remember were up here in Style and then you got Close. So, these are all the file options. Probably the most useful from right here that you don't really get in any other place are these exports right here. And again, this is one of the coolest things about Google Docs is it lets you read Microsoft Word and it lets you export as Microsoft Word not to mention these other formats. So, that's the File menu on a document in Google Documents.


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