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Printing and Emailing in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So, now, I'm going to show you just a couple of more options you've got just along this little line where a lot of important stuff is. You see over here closer to the right, you got your Preview, Print and Email options, and I'll show you how these work. Preview basically lets you preview the fully functioning document in your web browser. So, you can see that my little header outline is gone because it's just showing the real header and that my table of content links to my bookmarks now work. And this is just exactly what the document would look like if you published it to the web or sent your friends the URL of it which I'll be showing you how to do later. So, that's how the Preview works and to get back into editing my document, there's the "Edit this page," right here at the bottom right and now we go back into the editing mode. The next option is Print. So, if you want to print it, you just click right there and then you've got some pretty standard print options for Portrait and Landscape and then Letter, Legal or A4 paper here, by default, it's on your most basic paper obviously. And you can insert page numbers right here and choose where you want to insert them. And then here's where you can select some margins as well. And when you're ready, you just hit "Okay" and print. And the last option is Email. So, here's a little Email document pop-up. So, I could enter in some email addresses right here or I can even choose them from my contacts and these are from my Gmail contacts so I'm signed in as--while I'm using Google Documents so that's where those come from. And then you can choose to paste the document into the email message yourself or you can attach it as--let me give you a little drop down--and you can just automatically convert it right here to Microsoft Word or OpenOffice or PDF or Rich Text, that is if you don't want to paste it to the document itself. And you can enter there your subject and your message, choose if you want to CC yourself, and then send it. And the other options up here, I can't do these yet because I haven't showed how to do them but once I show you how to publish the document, if it was published online, you could send the published link instead of attaching it or pasting it in the Email. And if you had collaborators or viewers, you could Email them from this link. And in the next couple of clips, I'm going to show you what publishing is and how to add collaborators. So, we'll see how do that next. So, those are the Preview, Print and Email functions in Google documents.


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