How to Insert a Header in Google Documents

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Inserting a header in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So, now, I'm going to show you some of the remaining functions under the Insert tab right here. And what's left is Separator, Special character, Header and Footer. So, Separator, just like it sounds, is a separator. I can insert a page break or a horizontal line. So, let's just say, right about here, I'll insert a horizontal line and there you go. So, that's how the separator works. A special character is just the--these special characters right here, they aren't available on a keyboard and some of them are useful ones. You may need some of these and if you do need them, I'm sure you know why. But some of them are useful ones for most of us. Something like the copyright and the restricted if you needed that. Well, some math right there. And then they also have the option for Asian characters and since I don't have those installed in my machine, I can't see them. But if you did, you would see it and then Advanced and this is if you know a character's Unicode value. So, if you know how to do that, go ahead but that's how you insert a special character. Let me just insert one real fast and see, there it is. So, the other options on this Insert, you got a header. I'm just going to put a header at the very top my document. See, there it is right there. And then you can also insert a footer. You should put something at the very end. So, those are the--just the remaining things in the Insert bar. And just to wrap up the Insert bar, basically you can insert things in number of ways like there's multiple ways to insert a hyperlink, but this is just an easy place to see all the things you can insert into your document. Some of them are useful being the Image, Hyperlink which we mentioned earlier, I guess the Table if you need it, and then the really helpful Bookmarks. You can think of a bookmark as a destination that you'd like to hyperlink too later. So, that's the wrap up of the Insert bar in Google Documents.


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