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Inserting comments in Google documents is easy with these tips, get expert advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So now, I'm going to show you another cool thing you can do with the Insert menu and that is a comment. And what a comment is--when you're creating this document, if you've got a really big document, maybe one that multiple people are working on, you might want to make notes to yourself to comeback later or something like that and just like a little icon, it's like a little Post-it note basically on your document. So, to insert a comment, I will just click on Comment right here and I can also hit Ctrl-M, or Command-M on a Mac, and then you can see there's my comment. And it's got the "type here" where you would actually type whatever your comment is and then it automatically adds your name, the date and the time that the comment was added. And this would be like I was saying, multiple people were editing and they could see who made this comment and when, and so that's basically a comment. And it's not going to appear when you publish this document, so if I will go to Preview, this is what the preview document looks like and you can see the comment's gone. It only appears when I'm in the editing mode which means basically, when you're in edit mode, you've got all these toolbar options. This is what editing mode is. So, now, my comment's back because I never did anything to it. Some comment options, if you just click on it, you get a little menu and you can either close the menu, delete your comment, you can insert a comment text into the document again and you can change the comment color which is kinda cool if you want to assign a color to a particular person or comments about a particular thing. I'll get the same color. Whatever you want to do, so I just change it to yellow and then--like I just showed you, if you don't--want to delete a comment, you can just delete it and it gives you a little warning. So, that's how the comment works in Google Documents.


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