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Google documents has style options that allow to customize and personalize, get expert tips and advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So now I'm going to talk about the "Style" options in this drop-down right here, how to change your document settings, and then these "Change" options. In the style options, you got your paragraph options, which are normal--which is what it's on by default--and then you can also choose to create a header. And a header will just, on your first line, is just going to make this a default header. And then when I space, it goes back to regular formatting. And you can experiment with the different types. There's "Header 2," "Header 3," and then there's also this "Justify text" which simply will just return it to left-justified. The next thing on here, under the style drop-down is "Document Settings." So you can change your default font and size and then you can change your line spacing: "Normal," "Single," "1.5," "Double," and "Triple" spaced. By default, it's going to be on normal. The "Right-to-left," "Make the page text align right-to-left," and this is for Hebrew and Arabic documents; so if you need to do that, go ahead. And then you can change the background color of your document. And then you can also choose to make this the default settings for all new documents if you want to do that. You can see my background changed. So that's how you alter some of your document settings right there. And then you can also do just a little bit more text formatting right here, including a "Strikeout." You see you struck--struck it out, and then "Superscript" and "Subscript" right there. And then this "Change" menu right here is going to "Restore or remove extra blank lines" and then you can manage your bookmarks. There are no bookmarks in the document right now but I'll show you guys how to create those later. And then when you wanted to go manage them, you would go to here. So that's some of your style options and if you want to use these, you'll probably set them in the beginning instead of having to go back and try to figure it out. And you can also always just adjust the style yourself by using the options up here. To create your own header, just bold it in and increase the text size to however you want. And--but that's the style options and then your document settings in Google Docs.


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