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The document and action views in Google documents are great collaborative tools, get expert tips and advice on business software and the internet in this free video.

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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So, now, I'm going to talk more about your organization, organizing your documents in Google Docs. This is your Google documents homepage and you're going to see in this one they're right here is where I see all the documents I've created. And just real quick, I can sort them by clicking on these different titles right here like I can sort them alphabetically. I can sort by the folder which--there are new folders on here right now but I'll show you how to do that later. Or what I like to use is sort by date and when the arrow is going down like this, that means the most recent is going to be on top. And they put these little labels here just to kinda divide it up a little bit and you can see "today" and then "earlier this month" and there's--you'll see other ones as you create more documents maybe like earlier this week and stuff like that. But over here is--this is how you choose your view, what you're seeing over here and you've got these options. First here is the "All Items" and then you can show a "Created by me" and the reason you would use this for you if you were sharing documents, all your documents might not be created by you. They could be created by somebody else who then shared the document with you. And I'll show you more about that later. You've got the "Opened by me" sort and "Starred" items. They let you star important documents just so kind of visually you can see it real fast and then you can look at only the ones that you've starred by clicking on right here. And then here's the "Hidden" option and this is an action you can apply to your documents right here. So, say, this document right here is just kinda getting in my way, I created it and no longer using it and it's just kinda cluttering up this view right here. I can hide it because I don't want to delete it 'cause I might use it later. So, what that does is it just gets it away from your view and won't show up in any of the views. The only place is it will show up is right here under hidden. And it's not deleted, it's still there, and I can still use it and I can actually unhide it by clicking here if I want it back in my regular view. And that's just really useful if you don't want to delete something. If you did want to delete it 'cause I know I'll never use it again, that's when I just go right here and delete it. And if I change my mind, I could undo it. I got a little error message right here and just undid it and it's back. One other--back to view, there's also the trash for you so if I did delete this, so use delete it, now I can go to trash and I see these right here and I can actually undelete them and put them back in or I could empty the trash and delete them for real. So, I just emptied that trash and that's been deleted for good. The next view is the folders and we haven't made any folders yet but I'll show you how to do that in the next clip. And then down here, you can view "Items by type" if you want to see only the documents or only spreadsheets or only presentations. Then the next view option is to see documents that you're sharing with other people and right now, I haven't shown you how to share documents left yet so there's nothing here, but I'll show you how to do it later and then I'll show you what appears here after you've got to share documents. So, I'm just going back to "All Items". A couple more thing--actions you can apply to documents, you can rename them just by going right here doing that, and then you've got more actions right here and you can save them in different formats. Like this is a spreadsheet so I can save it as Excel or OpenOffice or PDF. And then if I went to like--this is like a document, like a Word doc I could save it as--or I got even more options here. I can save as HTML (zipped), OpenOffice, PDF, RTF, Text or save as Word and as a Microsoft Word. So, those are some of the things, the views, and some actions you can apply to your documents when you're in this organizational view which is your Google Docs homepage.


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