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Video Transcript

DREW NOAH: So now, I'm going to show you how to use the upload feature in Google documents, which is right here. And basically what this means is you can upload documents you had created in other programs that are maybe on your computer. So, first off, the type of documents you can upload. If it's a document like just plain old like word doc, you can, of course, upload Microsoft Word, that is a .doc, rich text which is a .rtf, an OpenDocument text which is from the free OpenOffice which is .odt, and the StarOffice which is a .sxw. And you can also upload HTML files and plain text which are .txt. For presentations, you can upload Microsoft PowerPoint which is a .ppt or a .pps. And for spreadsheets, you can upload a Common Separated Value document which is a .csv or a Microsoft Excel which is .xls and then also spreadsheets from the OpenOffice program. So, to upload documents, just want to go to that just like where I showed you before this upload feature right here and then you just want to browse for it on your computer. And let's say I've got this Excel sheet on my desktop, so, I'll just find that and open it. And then you also have the option to enter the URL of the file on the web if you have that information you want to add files already on the web. And you have the option here to rename it if you want it named something differently than the filename which right now it's just "budget" so I'll change it to "my budget" and then that's it; you just upload the file. And before I upload it, I just want to show you that you can also e-mail your documents directly to Google Docs. And the way you do that is right here. You'll see an e-mail address, so what you want to do is add this e-mail address to your address book in your e-mail program and then when you want to e-mail a document to Google Docs, you'll just e-mail it to this address, attach it to it and then send it to the address. But if you just want to upload from your computer like we've been doing, I'll just upload file and there it is, it came right in. And this is one of the really cool things about Google Docs is that you can see Microsoft Office files and OpenOffice Files and just use them in your Google Docs. You'll be able to edit them and create Google documents and then export them as Microsoft Office files too; I'll show you how to do that later. But that's how you get your old documents into your Google Docs and then online so you can edit them from any computer. So, I'll talk more about Google documents in detail in the following clips.


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