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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on the web. It has millions of users from across the world. The site acts as a common platform where people from different strata of life meet up and socialize. If you have an account in Facebook, you can make lots of friends on Facebook and share your information photos, videos and much more with them. There are, however, certain information which you want to keep hidden and allow just your friends to see them.In order to do that, you need to change the settings from the account page of Facebook.from this page you can choose the option to hide or reveal certain information to different groups of people which includes everyone, friends and acquaintances or friend of friends. Learn how to use the account page on Facebook to manage some of your administrative settings in this free educational video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Melissa Schenk on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're discussing Facebook and how to use some of its features. In this segment we're going to be talking about the account page and also the privacy overview that Facebook has to offer. Now, to the right of the homepage you'll notice the account page. So click on the account page, basically what that's going to let you do is change things within your account. For instance you'll see change your contact email. Let's say that you left the school that you're at or you want to put your job email in there instead, this will allow you to do that there. Let's say later you want to change your password, this is where you would do it. Even change your security questions, so all of the things on the account page can be changed at any time. Now, if we go back to the top of the screen once again, to the right of the account page is the privacy page. Now Facebook believes that you have control over all of your information and who sees it, that's very important. So in addition to all of the basic disability rules of only your friends and the people in your networks can see your profiles and such, they also give you control over the information you post to your site. So you can edit the settings on your profile, things that you are searching, on your applications, on your poke messages. You'll notice as you scroll towards the bottom that you can limit your profile or you can also block people as well. So you can change all of these settings within right to the right hand side of the account in the privacy settings box. Finally to the right of privacy is the log out button. That's where you'll be able to log out in case you're on a public computer, perhaps at a library or at a store so after you've logged out, then you have to of course, log back in. Now that you perhaps have logged out, log back in, get ready for the next clip, we're going to look at the friends feature here on Facebook and learn how to search them, find them and get more friends.


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