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Learn how to create and build a Facebook profile in this free educational video clip.

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      Facebook is considered as one of the most popular social networking sites on the web. it has millions of users across the globe. You can have a wonderful time socializing with this site. The site helps you to make and connect with contacts, associates as well activity partners. Every Facebook user has a great time connecting with his friends through this site. In order to use Facebook you need to create an account with the site and put the information necessary. Then you will get the access to the site. After that you need to create and update a profile so that the strangers who will visit your profile will get attracted and add you as a friend. A well written profile can bring in more visitors to your page. However, there are a few steps to create a open an account following which you can create a Facebook account.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Melissa Schenk. On behalf of Expert Village today we're going to be talking about Facebook and how to use some of its features and applications. So right now first, one of the most important features of Facebook is your profile, so let's get that built. Whenever you login to Facebook it's going to put you into your homepage first, we'll discuss that in a future clip. First we're going to of course discuss your profile. You can find your profile at the top left hand corner of the screen, click on profile right now and we'll get some of your information started. Now this is my profile page, I've got a lot of things already built in it, which we'll also discuss. There's two ways though, when you want to put in your information, you want to edit your profile. So at the very top where it says profile, right to the right hand side, it does say edit or you could of also clicked beneath my picture as well and also at the bottom there, it says edit my profile, so either one of those will do just fine. Now the first thing, the first page here you'll see is basic information and that's exactly what we're putting in here, basic information. You'll put your sex, who you're interested in, your relationship status, whether you're looking for friendship or relationship, maybe you're dating, you can put your birthday in there, your hometown, your providence or your state, your political views if you want, also your religious views. Now what you want to keep in mind before you hit the next one to the right hand side which is the contact information, you have to save your changes, each one. You can't go back and forth through each of these pages on your profile without saving your changes every time, you'll be very disappointed when you've spent a lot of time putting in all of your information and then you forgot to hit save. So after you've hit save changes then you're going to go into contact information. In the contact information, that's where you can put your mobile phone number, you land number, your address, all of that information. The good news is you'll notice you can lock this information and click only for your friends. Only my friends and you can say who you want to have that information, so it's not exposed to everyone on the world wide web. The next one is called personal information, so on personal that's where you're going to put in all your interest, your favorites, music, TV shows, movies, favorite books, anything that is of interest to you and this is where if you forgot to hit save at the end, you can see there's a lot of information in there and don't forget to hit save or you will indeed loose all of that information. Now that you've constructed your profile, people are going to be able to find you. Now, one of the most important parts of your profile, the wall, let's have a look at that in the next clip and also how to give a gift to one of your friends.


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