The Baby Shower Guessing Game

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Learn the guessing game, a fun couples game for coed baby showers, in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Brenda and today we are having fun with our baby shower games. Now for this game you will need a bag and some baby items. It can be a bottle, teething ring, clippers or a little brush. You can go to the store and find whatever items you like and what we are going to do is get a bag and place all our items in the bag like this. Now if you have several guests, this game is much more fun. You let them sit in a circle and what you do is pass the bag around and previously you gave them a piece of paper and pen to write on. So what you are going to ask them to do is to get the bag and close their eyes like this and you want them to reach into the bag and begin to feel of the different items. Like right away I felt the baby bottle. Some of the other items are a little bit harder like the teething ring. I’m not real sure about. So let them feel around in the bag for just a few minutes. Maybe give them about 3 or 4 minutes and then have them write down what they remembered was in the bag and they pass it on to the next guest. Now the person who gets the most correct is the winner. I have a little gift standing by for them. It can be a baby gift and when they win they can of course give it to their mommy if they would like or it could be another gift that is appropriate for the guests and then they could keep that gift for themselves.


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