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Get a review of the Bugaboo Chameleon baby stroller in this free video for parents on quality baby strollers.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Roger Hicks and today we're going to be talking about the Bugaboo Chameleon. This is a quite extraordinary stroller. This particular stroller is a very nice smooth strolling stroller, which comes with inner tube tire wheels, excellent shocks in the front, 4 position shock seating. It comes with 2 units. You have your bassinet unit and then you have a toddler seat unit. Very nice fabric. This fabric is more like a special design fabric. It's like a nice soft fleece fabric. A lot of people tend to think that it's a warm fabric all year round, but especially designed where in the summer time it's cooler and in the winter time it's warmer. Everywhere that you see white is a function, which makes it very easy to operate the stroller. If you push on the lower, you push in, pull up on the handle. That allows you to pull the bassinet seat out. You can take the bassinet seat out. Here is your basket for the particular Bugaboo Chameleon. Very large basket, easy to put your items into. This particular stroller, you take the seat off to fold it. If I want to fold the stroller, basically what I'm going to do is squeeze here, drop the handle to the ground, come to the side of it, pick up on the center bar and it folds. You can simply lay it in your trunk, put your desired seat on top that you might have been using at that time and off you go. To open, squeeze the same peg buttons there, pull up on the handle, kind of position your foot in the front, pull up, and kick out on the front bar and the frame open up. Now you can put your desired seat on. Here is the older kid's seat, which simply clicks on. This position can be used for a newborn. Hit the round buttons, can sit it up slightly higher. Hit them again, slightly higher. Push below, pop it out, turn it around, forward face it. After a while, the kid is going to want to know what's going on in the world, not going to want to be looking at mom and dad all the time. I'm sorry. Toddler forward facing seat. The handle is also interchangeable so you can put the handle on the bar on the front as well along with your canopy, which you also see on the bassinet. Height adjustable handle. If you turn your white knobs here, that enables you to be able to adjust the handle height whatever feels comfortable to you. Then you just simply turn, lock it down. It's a nice feature. A nice safety feature that Bugaboo gives you is what's called an arm leash, which you put it around your wrist while strolling. It's good if you live in a hilly area. You go up and down hills a lot. This enables you where if you for some reason you happen to trip and fall, the stroller is going no further than you.


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